First Little Story

13 Jan

by Eva A.

My name is Eva. This is a little story about me. I grew up in my grandmother’s house: my grandmother, my parents, my brother, and me.

An ordinary twelve-year-old at the time of this story, I was graduating from elementary school. I was raised mostly by my grandmother; a person who thought that school wasn’t necessary for girls.

As the new school year was starting, my next door neighbor, Emelia, a doctor who had a consulting room in her house, came to visit us. She talked to my grandmother and me about the importance of school and offered me help to continue attending middle school. Because the year had officially started, it was hard to find a space for me. Her son was a good friend of a private school’s principal, which helped a lot.

It was a private school and my parents would have to pay for everything: books, uniforms, and tuition to the school every month. Emelia offered me a job cleaning her house; that way I could make money to spend on my schooling. She also offered to pay half of the tuition.

It was a huge school with all school levels from kindergarten up to university. My classes were from 2:30 to 7:45 p.m. I used to clean her house during the day and attend school in the afternoon and evening.

Taking the bus every day back and forth to the school, I was the happiest girl studying and working at the same time. She is still our neighbor and I am and will always be grateful to Emelia and her son.

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