Healthy Habits

1 Jan

by Alicia F.

Hi friends,

A long time ago, I had some health issues and I have been trying to do something to prevent chronic illness. Many of my family members have been dealing with chronic illness and they really struggle with it. Decided to educate myself on how to have healthy habits. I read medical magazines, books, watched videos, and I contacted a nutritionist. I found that eating healthy can make a big difference in your life, but it’s hard to change an eating habit when you grow up thinking the way you eat is healthy. But it is never too late to start again and create healthy habits like:

  1. Eating Healthy
  2. Sleeping well
  3. Planning exercise and doing it
  4. Lowering your stress level

But for the best information and help on this process, it’s better to contact a professional nutritionist.

Best wishes,


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