Second Little Story About Me

14 Jan

by Eva A.

This is a story that lives in my mind. I was around ten years old. I used to play with my neighbors every evening.

One day, my neighbors’ cousin named Veronica came to visit them with a game called “Guess Who?”. I was delighted with the game. 

Over and over again, I asked Veronica for a turn but her answer was “no” every time. She was so mean and I was feeling so sad. At the end of the day, she left and didn’t let me use it at all.

We were a poor family and my parents couldn’t afford a game for me. I spent the next day thinking about how to make my own game. I settled in the backyard, my favorite spot, the place that inspired me to do anything I wanted. Sometimes I became a famous singer, other times the best dancer in the world, and this time I became the best draftsman. I started to draw pictures, trying to make them as similar as possible to those in “Guess Who?”.

I asked my grandmother and neighbors for egg cartons. After a few days of waiting for them to be done with their egg cartons and after the pictures were done, I started to cut some cardboard to make sturdy pictures. I got some toothpicks and glued them to the little pictures. I put one in between each hump of the egg carton, making sure that the pictures could be pulled up and down. It took me a lot of effort, but at the end I was so happy and proud of myself.

Again my backyard was the place that inspired me to make my idea a reality, this time in that game that I loved when I saw it completely. That beautiful picture will always live in my mind.

I used to play it with my best friend all the time and I repaired many times until it fell apart. Since then up until the present, my best friend and I have talked about that story and it has brought us a lot of happy memories.

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