The Wonderful Years

5 Jan

by Sandra P.

I have great memories from my childhood. If I could go back in time, I would turn in back when I was about seven years old. That age was wonderful to me. I remember that when my parents had the opportunity, we made vacation in the ocean, where my aunt and my cousins lived.

That time was special because I had a chance to see my cousins the same age as me. When my cousins and I were together, we were happy because we could play all day long different kind of games like table games, girls stuff, and invent new things.

Because they lived close to the ocean, some days our parents took us to the beach. We played in the water and ran in the sand until we got tired.

Nighttime was the best. During the day, we bought any kind of candies like lollipops, ice cream, chocolates, and chips. We eat all of them without telling our parents. While we were eating all these candies, we talked and talked all night long until we fell asleep.

These days are like lights in my life. When I had the opportunity to see my cousins, we agreed that were wonderful years.

We call each other prima/hermana (means cousin/sister). I like that world because it makes me feel good that I didn’t have my own sister. We like very much as if we were sisters.

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