About PSC and PSC, Inc.

The mission of PSC, Inc. is to develop financial resources and promote public awareness to support the free adult reading program of Project Second Chance.  PSC, Inc. was founded in 1986 and was granted 501(c)3 status in 1993.

Project Second Chance (PSC) provides free, confidential instruction in reading, writing and spelling to English-speaking adults with literacy skills below a 6th grade level. PSC recruits, trains and supports volunteer tutors, who work one-on-one with learners to help them achieve their individual literacy-related goals and empower them in their work and personal lives. Since Project Second Chance opened its doors in 1984, we have trained 3,346 tutors who have volunteered 396,000 hours to help more than 5,200 adults with their basic literacy skills in Contra Costa County.

About 40% of PSC students are native English speakers. They grew up and were educated in the United States but they never learned to read and write at the level they wish – usually due to a specific learning disability such as dyslexia. For the other 60%, English is not their native language.

PSC helps its students become functional in today’s increasingly complex world with tasks many people take for granted, such as reading the instructions on medication, reading a book to a child, voting, or advancing at work.

Everyone knows someone with poor reading skills, but most adults who struggle in this area are ashamed so they hide their problem. One PSC student, Doug, used to always order a hamburger in restaurants so people wouldn’t know he couldn’t read the menu. But once PSC students begin to realize they CAN learn to read, they begin making better decisions for themselves, their families, and their community. Another student, Martha, said,…“When you no longer walk with the crows but fly with the eagles, all things are possible!”

Thank you for your interest in adult literacy. Together we can make a difference!