Students Write about ALLI

20 Aug

PSC recently hosted an Adult Learner Leadership Institute (ALLI) session for students from Bay Area literacy programs.  Here are essays written by two of the students.

From Maryam N.: When I went to the ALLI workshop I was all nerves, but when I met the group I felt better. There were people of different ages and all of them were friendly. What an inspiring program it was! ALLI means Adult Learner Leadership Institute and Project Second Chance students have the opportunity to contribute to it. The whole workshop lasts three days. It includes new students and also former students who have become facilitators. All of us were led by a coordinator, Rosie, and some PSC employees. [Remainder of essay]

From Wenman L.: I have been in the Project Second Chance program about three years. I met a woman in PSC annual party. She shared a little bit of her experience from ALLI Boot camp. That’s how I found out about ALLI. I went to the PSC office asking Megan for ALLI information, and told her that I wanted to participate in the ALLI program. I got in 2014. I was so happy and eager to know what was going on. The closer it came to camp time the more anxious I got, because I was worried that I couldn’t write and speak well. I felt nervous all the time especially when I was around people. This problem has been bothering me for a long time and I couldn’t find a way to solve it. When I heard about the ALLI program, I didn’t want to wait to join it. [Remainder of essay]

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