Beulah, A Memoir by Mary D.

11 Jan

Beulah, A Memoir

by Mary D.

Beulah was a kind, loving and caring Christian lady who took care of me at a young age. I lived with her family because of my parents work schedule.

Beulah came to Oakland on a train with her daughter, from Arkansas. She became like a mother to me and I even called her Mommy. She lived near my grandfather, who had great respect for her. So when my parents needed a sitter it made sense for me to stay with Beulah.

When I stayed with Beulah, I went to church with her. In The Church of Christ they praised the Lord a lot. The choir sang hymns with lots of rhythm. I liked being with other children Sunday School class. It was fun.

When I was three years old, my my parents were told by a doctor, that I needed to have casts on my legs to improve my arches. Beulah could always tell when I was finished with my nap because she could hear me stumping on the floor. She was amazed at how I could keep up with the other children when I was running with casts on my feet. I was determined not to be left behind.

My grandfather lived up the street. Sometimes he would take me to a show. I would stay and have dinner at his house. Being Italian, he made great pasta! The sauce had big chunks of beef and shaved parmesan cheese on it.  He enjoyed sending a pot of the pasta home with me to Beulah’s family.

I remember good times, like making peach and strawberry ice cream with Beulah’s husband, Cle. It was work turning the crank of the ice cream maker. But it was worth the effort when we would sit down and enjoy eating it.

Cle would take me to the park on Saturdays. One time when it was time to go, he looked up and down the street saying, “I forgot how to go home!” He acted like he was going to cry. I looked up and said, “Don’t cry, Cle, I will take you home.” And I did!! When we got home Cle told Beulah about the walk home. They just laughed and laughed.

As time passed Beulah could not care for herself any longer. Now it was my turn to take care of her. I visited her as often as I could until she passed away.

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