Rehab for My Mom by Ehte A.

19 Jan

Rehab for My Mom

by Ehte A.

A few months, ago my mom broke her leg. After she was in the hospital, she could not walk and she had to go to rehab at Tampico Terrace. When we went to the rehab building, there were beautiful flowers and trees and a nice view. But I wasn’t sure about that place.

I was crying about my mom’s situation, but after a few days I saw it was a nice place. The hysical therapy she received was excellent. They are very kind and they try to help everybody. The food and personal attention was perfect. After a few months we realized she would have to be there permanently.

Right now I am very happy my mom is staying there because everybody is nice and professional with patients. My mom loves the nurses who work with her, Margaret, Mandy, Tina and Grace. She also loves Pearl, her CNA. Besides the people who work with her, she loves all of the staff at Tampico. Two days a week, they have happy hour with dancing, singing and playing bingo.

They organize activities very well. Three times a week, they have showers for elderly people. They try to help them go back home. But sometimes they are not able.

Finally, I would like to give thanks to them for taking care of my mom.

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