The Importance of Being Bilingual by Gina S.

27 Jan

The Importance of Being Bilingual

by Gina S.

Three months ago, when I arrived in the United States of America, I needed to communicate with different people in the city. I did not know English very well, but I decided to learn a new language.

But, what exactly are the benefits of learning English? If you know another language, you can easily familiarize yourself with the culture of the new country. English not only gives you access to the customs of USA, but you can also know about others’ countries, like Australia, Canada and England. English is a language that is spoken in a lot of countries.

Project Second Chance has given me the opportunity to improve my English skill and helped me to communicate with more people. I think communication is the most important thing. Without it you cannot make any friend of your own.

I hope upon completion of these sessions, my skills with English will improve and it will give me more opportunity to find a job. I will be able to move forward with my professional career as well. Overall, learning English will help me to lead a better life.

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