Adult Literacy Programs (PSC – Project Second Chance) by Ju C.

17 Sep

Adult Literacy Programs
(PSC – Project Second Chance)

by Ju C.

I am learning at the adult literacy program PSC in Contra Costa County. PSC is Project Second Chance. This program is to help improve reading and writing for adults.

There are two types of people to learn in this program.

Type 1: They can speak English, but they cannot read and write well.

Type 2: They cannot speak English well, but they want to improve their writing and reading, like me.

If you want to join the program, you need to test with the program manager. All tutors are volunteers. My writing skill was really bad when I started this program. Now I can write and read better. This program makes me get closer to my dream everyday—I want to improve my English, and then people can understand me well. Maybe some people still don’t know about this program.

I think we need to advocate this program to adults everywhere. Library managers use the social media community to show this information. We can talk about this program to our friends or neighbors. If you go to the class, you can tell your classmate this information. I also posted this program in my web blog. Most of my blog’s neighbors live in the U.S. They told me it is a really good program to them.

I hope many people have a new chance and a better life.

Thank you for giving me your time.


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