The Events That Changed My Life by Mirae P.

23 Sep

The Events That Changed My Life

by Mirae P.

I could pick three events that became a turning point of my life.

First, it’s about changing my major in college. I got into my college with majoring in statistics, which I was not so into it. So, I didn’t like to stay at school and learn new things about it anymore. One of my best friend who was majoring in international trade asked me to help write an essay for her. I wanted to help her. Somehow, she complimented me on the paper and I realized that I enjoyed my time researching and writing about international trade, which was my friend’s major, not mine.

Sometime later, I made a big decision that I switched my major to international trade happily and luckily. Many friends around me in college struggled for finding out what they want to study and proceed to their job for a future. I was lucky to find a subject that I liked and enjoyed by doing my friend’s paper. I could work for international trading company after my graduation. This was the one big change that I was proud of.

Secondly, the thing changed my life was that I have birth to my son. Of course, my marriage is also huge change of my life but giving birth is something I cannot explain in words. It feels like I became a real woman from a girl and also became a real adult from a child. And I am still surprised every day when I am realized I am a mom and I am happy about it.

Finally, my big change was that coming to America two years ago. When my husband and I decided to come here, United States, I was excited more than worried. But since we moved here, I found out that living in foreign country is not so easy. I was really talkative person among my friends, but here I become very quiet because it is hard to express all of my emotion in English. It makes me frustrated and hesitated for doing and making decision every time. And also, learning and accepting how to stay in a minority of society and take in major culture of new place. However, I am trying to be positive and find good things for our family. And I am sure I will be satisfied with our decision.

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