Walnut Creek Loves Art by Ju C.

11 Nov

Walnut Creek Loves Art

by Ju C.

If you visit Walnut Creek, I would like to recommend to you to go to the Lesher Center for the Arts and the Bedford Gallery. They both contribute to the community spirit of Walnut Creek.

Three of the highlights of Walnut Creek are the art, the library, and the creek. I think the best is the Lesher Center for the Arts and the Bedford Gallery because Walnut Creek loves art. If you go to Walnut Creek downtown, you can see many works of art on the street. In contrast, Walnut Creek’s neighbor cities do not have art centers.

The Lesher Center for the Arts and the Bedford Gallery have a lot of events such as art exhibitions and plays. The Center for Community Arts is also for anyone to learn art and music.

The art exhibitions are available free of charge, once a month, on weekdays. You can see various works of art in the art exhibition. They always exhibit a lot of various art genres. I remember they have shown Prada Karlo, one of the famous artists and showed many modern artists.

The theater has good plays every season. I saw The Christmas Carol there. They have good surround sounds during the play. Also
I saw good projector lighting. In addition to theater, you can also see opera and ballet performances. Parking is free for an
hour there.

I love to learn arts, so I learned a lot about art in my old town. I worried about how to continue learning about the arts when I moved here. But I don’t need to worry about this because I found here I can learn “Oil Painting and Abstract Art” in Walnut Creek. If you want, you can also learn photography, singing, acting and dance, etc.

I live in Walnut Creek, so I really appreciate cultural activities nearby me.

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