My First Letter by Katarina D.

13 Jan

My First Letter

by Katarina D.

I started with a volunteer work in one office in San Francisco. This office works with rent control, reasons for eviction and protection of rights of tenants. At the first, I worked only with basic things, like telling the client the rules which I had read. I never wrote a letter to the landlord to help the tenants or I never wrote a petition. After a while, I took one woman personally to help her. She wanted a letter for her landlord. I decided to do this. I explained her everything that I knew and told her to come tomorrow and that her letter would be finished. I took Google and saw a regular form for this letter and I wrote it the best I could. The next day, I gave it to Tom to check my letter. I had mistakes in the English. I made corrections and printed two papers. When the woman came back, she was very grateful for the letter. I was happy because I finished my first letter.

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