Funny/Not Funny: Life in Iran (by student reader Nahid N)

5 Jan

Funny/Not Funny: Life in Iran

by Nahid N.

Most Islamic countries have certain restrictions, which are not found in the non-Islamic countries. Two examples of these restrictions are Hijab (dress for women) and having boyfriends/girlfriends interact in public.

In an Islamic country like Iran the police stop almost all of the young couples who are in public and question them about their relationship. If they are able to prove that they are married or they are brothers and sisters or mother and son then they will be released. Otherwise they will be taken into custody. Some of the wise ones will bribe the police with some money, and if the police don’t agree they are taken to prison and then court for punishment. Among these daily patrols the police will sometimes stop mother and son and question them, which seems funny.

I would like to tell you one of my personal funny experiences which I had with police. I was married at a young age and had a son who was tall for his age. One day I was going shopping with him when the police stopped us and started questioning us. The police asked, “Who is she?” My son said, “It is none of your business.” The police said, “It is my business.” I was worried about my son and also scared, and I said, “He is my son.” The policeman was shocked and quiet for a few minutes and then said, “Are you kidding me?” I said no I am his mother and then he asked me, “How old are you?” I answered 31-32 years old. He then stared at me and said, “No-no” and my son was angry and said, “Yes-yes.” The officer said, “You are too young” and told my son your mother is young and you have responsibilities. The officer told my son to take care of your mother. My son in an angry voice told him, “Ok I’ll tell my dad to take care of my mom.” The officer said, “Oh you have a dad?” And my son replied saying, “No only you have a dad.” The officer left after that.

I told my son you are a hero now. If you were with your girlfriend would you act this way? My son looked at me and said, “Are you kidding me? I only take this kind of risk for my mom.”

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