Appreciation for My Tutor by Chi won S.

29 Sep

Appreciation for My Tutor

by Chi won S.

Dear PSC,

I am really glad to hear the news that Kathy is receiving the award for volunteering 1,000 hours. I remember the awards attached on the wall when I visited the PSC office. I was surprised when I realized I had English lessons from Kathy so many hours. I still can’t find a word how to express my appreciation to PSC for having Kathy as my tutor and giving me the opportunity to improve my

About her teaching, I would like to say that she is really enthusiastic when she teaches me English. She has introduced to me all kinds of articles with interesting and practical information, such as local newspapers, News for You for ESL learners, articles related to preventing diabetes, and Yes, Chef, which is a novel written by an immigrant chef, etc. Those were not only fun to learn English, but also helpful to apply in my real life. I was deeply moved when we read an article to help and prevent diabetes from a pre-diabetic condition, which a family member was diagnosed as having. Kathy picked it when we had a chat and I was concerned about diabetes. I could get a better understanding of it through the session with Kathy. Like this, her teaching is fun and practical.

She is such a patient teacher and very punctual and loyal to have been teaching me for such a long time. Whenever I don’t understand anything during sessions, she always explains very patiently. She never misses our appointments. She showed me such wonderful characteristics not just as an ESL teacher, but also as a considerate and trustful person.

One of the best benefits of learning from Kathy was that I could overcome the fear and anxiety gradually when I speak English. I struggled a lot when I first came to the United States five years ago, especially when I speak English. Day by day, after I got fun and practical English lessons from Kathy, I was able to get rid of the fear. I really enjoy those times, sharing wisdoms with each other through reading books, news, and articles, even though memorizing new vocabularies and new expressions were challenging.

Thanks again for the opportunity to have Kathy as my PSC tutor. I wish I could attend the ceremony. Please give my sincere appreciation to her.

Best regards,

Chi won

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