The Difficulties That I Have in My Writing by Wenman L.

1 Oct

The Difficulties That I Have in My Writing

by Wenman L.

I’ve been learning English writing for a few years. My progress doesn’t meet my expectations. My goals in English writing are simple. Several things I wish that I can grasp on writing: be concise, logical, and understandable. I don’t have time to go to a regular school to have structured learning. Every time when I write, I am not comfortable with lack of writing skills or methods, and vocabulary.

I have problems putting words in correct order, so the sentences don’t make sense. This problem is influenced by my native language. I don’t use prepositions very often, because I am afraid of making mistakes. I rather not use prepositions if they change the meanings. I don’t know when I add -ing at the end of verbs. I usually put -ing by sounds. For instance, I am afraid of to make mistakes, or I am afraid of making mistakes. I can’t tell if they are both right. Sometimes I get confused by grammar, such as would, could, had been, has been and have been. I make run-on sentences easily. The punctuation usage is not quite clear. I use commas, periods, and question marks regularly, but not others.

When I reread my writing, I can find some problems by the sounds not right or weird, so I can change or correct the sentences. I couldn’t figure out the problems with fragmented sentences, grammar and preposition issues.

Though the writing is difficult for me, I still
enjoy it.

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