Feeling at Home in America by Terry K.

13 Sep

Feeling at Home in America

by Terry K.

I was born and grew up in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Most of the people lived in apartments in Seoul. When I went out from home, I saw many people and cars on the streets. There were a lot of stores which stayed open until midnight.

When I moved to America, I felt that the U.S.A. looked like a ghost city. I saw many trees along the street and each house had a different color of door, which was very beautiful scenery, but I couldn’t see anybody on the street. I missed people and I felt so lonely.

Nowadays I know that urban areas and rural areas are completely different to live in. Finally I am used to living in America.

I was so lucky to meet Kate last year. She was working at the PSC program and she gave me a second chance to learn English. She did a good job of matching me and my tutor, Stacy. I always appreciate her for volunteering her time to help me.

What an amazing thing!

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