My Experience with the PSC Program by Jayoung L.

11 Sep

My Experience with the PSC Program

by Jayoung L.

I am a newcomer to California. I moved from Atlanta, GA last August, and my country of origin is South Korea. I studied English in middle school and high school for 6 years. Although I have been living here for 10 years, I am still struggling with English.

I like to spend my time at the library. Last winter, I went to Pleasant Hill Library and got my library card. On that day, I met Kate and she led me to the PSC program. Fortunately,
I was matched with Patricia, who is my tutor. Two weeks later, we started to study.

I had difficulty in communicating because I couldn’t fully express what I wanted to say. My tutor, Pat, is helping me twice a week for 3 to 4 hours every week.

She taught me in a variety ways. One day, she gave me copies of the NY Times and USA Today to read and discuss. It was a little bit hard for me, but I loved the conversation with her about the current events of the USA and international issues. Also, I liked to talk about several issues between South and North Korea.

Sometimes, we rewrote the complicated paragraphs from selected articles. It was very helpful to understand the meaning of sentences and the structure of paragraphs. Also, I studied the verb tense, grammar and vocabulary. Usually, at the beginning of class, Pat asks me how I was doing, what I did for the last few days, and other small talk. I like those times too, because I can speak in English more comfortably.

It was lucky that I joined the PSC program and met my tutor, Pat. The PSC program provides momentum to encourage me to study English and to get US citizenship.

I am pleased to say that meeting Pat is helpful not only for studying English but also understanding life in the USA and building confidence and friendship.

I appreciate Pat and staff of the PSC program. Hopefully, I will also become a volunteer this program in the near future.

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