A Good Friend by Fawzia A.

27 Nov

A Good Friend

by Fawzia A.

Lailoma is one of my best friends. We first met in Afghanistan when we were young and she is my cousin. I thought at that time Lailoma was funny, loyal, nice, and a good listener. Lailoma is about five feet tall with brown eyes and dark brown hair which is always shiny and short. I think my friend is beautiful and has a mole on her upper lip. We do a lot of things together. We like to cook, walk, watch movies, and talk about our kids. Sometimes we talk on the phone for a long time. No matter what we do, we always keep in touch and make sure to visit each other every summer. I will never forget the time when we were in Afghanistan and played doll together. A good friend is like your mother and sister. She will be there for you in good days and bad days.

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