Our Happy Vacation in Hawaii by Leslie K.

3 Nov

Our Happy Vacation in Hawaii

by Leslie K.

At the end of April, my husband and I went to Hawaii for a late honeymoon. I was so excited about this trip, because it was my first time going to Hawaii. Our plan was to spend three days on Maui and four days on Oahu. When we arrived on Maui, we rented our pre-ordered convertible (car) at the rental car center near the airport. Then we went to Costco to buy snorkeling equipment and beach towels. Next day, we went to Haleakala National Park. When we arrived at the Haleakala Observatory, we were speechless. It was such a magical place. It seemed that there was no border between sky and sea. The view was very blue, so the sky was like a sea and the sea was like a sky. Haleakala is a dormant volcano. So, we walked along the hiking trail and saw various craters. They were also amazing.

After we got to Oahu, we did many kinds of sport activities. We took a surfing lesson and flew in the sky riding parasailing. We also joined in the one day tour and enjoyed eight (sport) activities there. It was included banana boat, bumper tube, jet ski, snorkeling and water volleyball, etc. I was very scared to try these activities, but I enjoyed them later. We also went to Hanauma Bay. That place is very beautiful and famous for snorkeling. So, we enjoyed snorkeling there, too. We spent most of our remaining time on Waikiki Beach and at the hotel swimming pool. The view of the sea from Waikiki Beach was so beautiful. During the trip, we also ate a lot of delicious food. I enjoyed this trip very much and I would like to go to Hawaii again with my
family someday.

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