The Big Talent Show by Lucie S.

7 Nov

The Big Talent Show

by Lucie S.

One day, Jewel found a friend named Matilda. They want to be in a show. Jewel asked Matilda if she wanted to start a show and Matilda said, “I would be honored.”

The show is at the main rock. The show is in two months. They’re going to do tricks and sing. Jewel and Matilda practiced for the show. Matilda is singing and Jewel is doing magic tricks. They practice every day and they take breaks each hour.

Jewel asked Matilda if they could change the show to next month. Matilda said, “That’s fine with me.” Jewel said, “Okay, we have to practice every day.”

The day of the show came. There are a lot of people in the crowd. Matilda said to Jewel, “We made lot of money.”

Matilda sang a song called “It’s My Life,” by Gwen Stefani. The crowd enjoyed Jewel’s magic tricks. I think we had a success.

The end

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