Dear Hero

by Tseten D.

That morning, you literally became a burning fire and lighted up the whole world from darkness. You willingly let that fire engulf and turn your body to ashes. No mercy, and it burned your bones to ashes.

You marched into the street with your body in flames You neither screamed nor called for help. You fell and you got up again. You chanted your slogan without fear.

No one knew why a living person was burning like a torch and marching in the street with his right fist in the air. Jaws dropped in shock and everyone stared at that small video clip someone had captured by cellphone. Every news channel blasted that hot news.

That morning, my heart was shattered into tears and pain when I heard your slogan, “Free Tibet, Free Tibet…long live his Holiness the Dalai Lama.” You self-immolated to protest the brutal communist regime. You sacrificed your life for sake of freedom, equality, and liberty.

You showed that burning flames on your body are better than no freedom. You showed the world that there are people longing for basic human rights. You gave everything for the sake of six million Tibetans people who are suffering under the brutal the Chinese government.

Your sacrifice gave me strength and courage to fight for those who have no voice, to help those who are in need, to be grateful for what I have in this free country, and to never give up. You are my hero and you will live in my heart all my life.



Tseten D.