The Coffee Incident

by Parvin M.

A few months ago, my son and I were coming back to Walnut Creek from a luncheon in Berkeley. On the way back home, he drove to a drive-up coffee shop window to get a cup of coffee. 

A car was at the window in front of us. When we arrived at the window to pay and pick up the coffee, the cashier said that the driver in front of us had paid for his coffee and my son’s coffee, too.

The action of that guy made me think how some people can be so nice and thoughtful to try to make others happy. The price of a coffee is not so much, but the action is priceless.

I think most people are nice, but sometimes we hear or see of special things people do for others, such as stopping for a person who has a car problem on the road or helping disabled or senior people across the street if they need a little guidance, and most of all people who voluntarily use their time and energy to help others.

The coffee incident inspired me to go out and do something nice for someone. I wonder if the person who paid for my son’s coffee knew what a great example he gave.