Story Summaries

by Eunjoo K.


Summary of “The San Francisco Earthquake”

The San Francisco Earthquake in 1906 was an incredible incident in the history of the United States. About three thousands buildings collapsed in the earthquake and several thousand people lost their lives. After the earth shook, the street cracked and the gas leaked which cause fires to burn for days. People had no place to live but they helped each other and they rebuilt the city again.


Summary of “Beatrix Potter”

Beatrix Potter was a very shy girl who underestimated her painting even though she was very good. She made friends with a lot of small animals such as squirrels, rabbits, not other children. She wrote a letter to a five-year-old boy to make him happy because he was sick. He shared his letter and it was popular, so Beatrix rewrote it as a book. It is called The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She was persuaded to write many books by a publisher. She could illustrate well, thanks to her family trips to Scotland.