A New Start for Bobby by Ehteram A.

3 Oct

A New Start for Bobby

by Ehteram A.

I would like to tell a true story about a man named Bobby and a man named Richard.

Bobby was a homeless man. He lived in a cargo unit, which is a large box that trucks use to move people’s things. Sometimes he didn’t have food. People would help him. After a few months, he lost his cargo unit and he had to live on the street.

One day, he met a taxi driver named Richard. Richard noticed Bobby was cold and he wanted to help him. He let Bobby ride with him while he drove his taxi, but his passengers didn’t like that. Bobby’s clothes were not clean and he made the passengers nervous.

Richard told Bobby he would have to take a shower and wear clean clothes, and then he could sit in the front seat next to Richard when he drove his taxi. So Richard took Bobby to a public facility and helped him buy new clothes. Then when Bobby rode in the taxi with Richard, he told his passengers that he was training Bobby to be a taxi driver, but he really just wanted Bobby to be warm and safe.

This went on for a few months until Richard decided to take Bobby to a church, hoping the church would help poor Bobby. The people who ran the church gave Bobby a room to live in and food. They also gave him a job to take care of the church and to be a security guard. Richard told him that if he ever wanted to be a taxi driver he would help him do that.

Bobby now lives a normal life and he’s very happy. And Richard was a good guy to help Bobby get a new start on his life. I’m very happy that churches help people if they need something.

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